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Every business should know the cost – in time and money – to acquire a customer, how much that customer will produce in revenue, and for how long. This gives them the ability to identify customer segments and target acquisition cost, budget for results, and measure performance.

Unfortunately, most don’t know the cost of customer acquisition. We do.

When you partner with Keane Consultants, you get a proven track record of success in bringing costs down and driving win rates up.


1. Connect with Us

We'll meet with you to discuss your company's goals, challenges, costs, current processes and data to ensure that we are a mutual fit. We'll deliver an assessment at no obligation to you.

2. Examine Data

We look at customer data including transactions, purchase intervals, average order sizes and gross margin, as well as qualitative and behavioral information.

3. Bridge the Gap

We integrate our data analysis process and your sales team to support their work and to gain valuable feedback that closes the gap between sales and marketing implementation.

4. Get Results

All of this increases the velocity of new customer acquisition and resulting revenue.

Make BETTER business decisions.
Customer analytics isn't just for BIG COMPANIES anymore.

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Data analytics for customer growth

Correctly implemented customer data analytics are a secret weapon in most organizations. Given the fact that 76% of all marketing executives don’t utilize behavioral data, a well executed program that focuses on customer behavior and matches them to others most likely to buy is critical to sales growth.

The way a company uses data can be the difference between flat sales and high growth. At Keane Consultants, we give your company insights that allow you to seize growth opportunities. We do the work to make sense of your company’s data and provide you with sales and marketing strategies to meet your goals.

  • "Keane Consultants has played a valuable role with Dynamis. Their knowledge on the important company metrics around customer acquisition costs was instrumental in guiding our scalability. They always have well directed questions that make our leadership think more clearly and make better decisions – using data as our compass."

    Andy Nunemaker - CEO, Dynamis

  • "The team at Keane Consultants has revolutionized the way we target our marketing campaigns, and has built a robust Customer Lifetime Value model that has completely changed the trajectory of our company. Since working with Keane Consultants, Nationwide Learning has significantly decreased our Cost of Customer Acquisition and increased market penetration."

    Chad Zimmerman - CEO, Studentreasures

  • "From my own experience with Tim Keane at Keane Consultants, I can recommend them, without hesitation, to any company seeking a highly competent and enthusiastic advisor. Keane Consultants brought an incisive "can-do" attitude to our rather staid discussions. Tim's input was particularly welcome on our Sales Management area where he developed major new initiatives including a detailed analytics program which became a most useful management tool."

    Gerry Carroll - President, Carroll Education


Tim Keane

Tim specializes in growth strategy for revenue stage companies based on customer data. Tim is the founder of Retail Target Marketing Systems, a leading software provider of advanced analytics systems for major retailers and financial institutions. Tim's board seats have included several growth stage companies in the US and Europe.


Sean Mannion

Sean specializes in data analysis for growth-stage companies by marrying sophisticated data analysis with individualized marketing strategy. In addition, he has created new, innovative sales target algorithms for business to business companies who utilize direct sales methods for high value prospects. Sean’s experience includes positions in sales and market analysis in venture capital and private equity.

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